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About homeopathy

Less is more, this is the main thing that homeopathy made me understand.

Today an estimated 600million people use homeopathy worldwide, bearing witness to its curative action. There is also a growing stack of over 1200  research papers providing evidence of its effectiveness. It is not hard to see what homeopathy can do, however pinning down how it works has never been quite as straightforward.

This complete system of medicine was founded 200 years ago by a German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann, while he was experimenting with medicines and theories in his search for a medicinal system that cured gently, effectively and completely. What we know as Homeopathy today is the result of his life’s work.

Some of the principles Hahnemann incorporated into Homeopathy were not new – one of the main principles of homeopathy of a like medicine curing a similar disease came down from the Ancient Greeks. An example of this principle can be found in the action of Belladonna. Taken in its natural form as the hedgerow berry Deadly Nightshade, Belladonna will create a high restless fever, thirst, anger, delirium and a burning dry heat. Belladonna taken in its homeopathic form is curative for a person suffering with similar symptoms who is restless, irritable, has a high fever which is burning hot and is very thirsty. Hahnemann’s major discovery was a method to enable the use of substances mostly from the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms to be used curatively. The process of dilution and succussion draws out the healing properties inherent in these substances without their harmful properties. There are over 4000 homeopathic remedies.

A major difference between homeopathy and conventional medicine is that homeopathy treats the whole person and not just the condition. Mental, emotional and physical characteristics together with medical history, family medical history and the presenting symptoms or condition are all taken into account in order to find the similar remedy. This is prescribed and the patient is asked to return a month later in order to give the remedy time to initiate the healing process.

The healing process can involve a reaction after taking the remedy. This is often in the form of a discharge (i.e. a cold) or sometimes old forgotten symptoms return mildly and briefly. Such reactions are welcome because they are a clear indication that the remedy is working and a cure is underway. The timing of healing is difficult to predict as it is very individual. Long standing deep complaints do not disappear overnight so patience is needed.

Generally the patient reports back with higher energy levels and an overall feeling of well-being. Susceptibility to colds and other acute conditions also lessens as the immune system is strengthened. True healing also means more than simply curing symptoms; it means living life as fully and harmoniously as possible and without dependency on any therapy or medicine.

Homeopathy helps you to reconnect with yourself

If you wish to know more about homeopathy the following books are useful:

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"Less is more, this is the main thing that homeopathy made me understand."

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