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Corina Udrea Homeopathy

About me

My name is Corina Udrea and I am a classical homeopath. I graduated from The School of Health and I am a registered member of the Society of Homeopaths.

I am a professional homeopath based in Rochester, Kent, Uk also training in adult and mental health nursing. I am bilingual, taking consultation in Romanian and English. I offer my sessions either in person or through Skype.

I have always been interested in the human body, how it functions and responds to different diseases and imbalances.

My personal experience with homeopathy begun during challenging times. I just had my second child, we moved house and my father in law passed away. I have noticed  how these events had affected my son as he was smiling less and becoming withdrawn without spark in his eyes.

It was then when I understood that conventional medicine couldn’t help me and that I should try a more holistic approach. Ever since I felt the full positive impact, homeopathy became the primary healthcare treatment for me and my family.

Homeopathy is my passion and I maintain the continuum of professional development and research.

My deep empathy and compassionate understanding places me in an ideal position to offer  homeopathy as a non intrusive healthcare choice.

years in the field

"Less is more, this is the main thing that homeopathy made me understand."

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18 Ajax Road, Rochester, Me1 2uy, Kent