The consultation

Corina Homeopathy

The consultation

The homeopathic consultation is a unique experience in medicine. You will very rarely have the opportunity to be listened to with such close attention. There are few other situations in which your health and yourself are explored so throughly.

This can be a very empowering experience. To move towards an understanding of yourself and your health within the context of your life can enable you to regain perspective and engage in a process of self- healing and discovery.

This kind of consultation is one of the high arts of medicine and needs to be experienced in order to be fully appreciated.

As well as your current complaints in great detail, during the consultation I will need to gather as much information about you as possible. ‘’you are what you eat ‘’ may have some truth in it, but  ‘’you are what you think and feel’’ has a much deeper resonance with your life and health. Together we will explore your reactions to your environment, other people, stress, food, etc. Your sleep, dream and hormonal patterns will be looked into as well as your personal and family medical history.

It can be difficult, with so much information, to find an individual prescription for you, so you are encouraged to be as clear as you can about any information you give. It is also helpful if you can think about these things before your visit.

"Less is more, this is the main thing that homeopathy made me understand."

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